Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Happy childhood memories: How the tiny toys helped me

So, what am I referring to today?  Well, they are the toys that belonged to my twin brother, Jeffrey, and I have such great memories of playing with them. Jeffrey allowed me to play with his tiny cars, trucks, buses and vans, and planes, boats, and soldiers.

In those days I had enough vision to see the colors of all of his toys and I remember not having too much difficulty identifying the various vehicles.  I used to drive them around on Mom's carpet and then I would pretend all kinds of things.  I would even take the toy soldiers and line them up ready for battle.

Some of my favorite tiny toys included the news van, the flat bed truck, the model Mercedes, and oh yes!  The red ship and the yellow boat.  I also loved the jeeps with the spare tire at the back.

I firmly believed that having been able to feel the shapes of these tiny toys fully enabled me to identify them by sight when I received my functional vision years later.

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