Thursday, May 10, 2018

Precious childhood memories: Remembering Maracas Bay

Oh, beautiful Maracas Bay!  How could I ever forget you?  With a beach so sandy and air as fresh as a breeze in a bottle?  I'll never forget you!

How well I remember those family outings to see you!  The cold sea water lapping against my body and then swimming with Dad and my brothers beyond the high breakers!  Then I would sit in the surf and there the family would dig in the sand for clams, which were so large.

So many times I would share happy moments with Granny, who was always content to sit in the surf and let the waves roll over her.   Mom preferred to remain on the beach, watching over us and reading her magazines.

On many occasions Mom and Granny packed a sumptuous lunch for us and we would either sit in the car with the doors opened or stand around eating, drinking, and enjoying each other's company.

Our days at Maracas Bay were filled with such memorable moments.  It was always an all-day affair and at the end of it we would return home refreshed but tired and just dying to go to bed.

I thank my parents and Granny for having made all of this so very possible!

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