Friday, May 11, 2018

My friend forever: Boyo is still in my heart

He was my favourite dog: gentle but social, a bit of a coward but so very loyal.  I loved him the minute he was born; he was my darling Boyo.

As a puppy he was mine.  As a full grown dog he was the same.  He lived with Granny but I never lost my bond with him.  Boyo was always the preferred one and I think that he knew this.

I remembering rushing home from school to play with him when he was a puppy and then always having him beside me whenever we went to the beach.  We played in the sea, ran on the beach, and had such fun in the house.

I was never able to see what he really looked like but when I received my functional vision, his was one of the first pictures that Mom showed me.  I never got to meet him after gaining my vision because he passed away before I could.

Boyo, my dearest, I shall forever remember your bark, your soft fur and your large head.  Your ability to always make me smile!

Don't go anywhere!  I'll see you some day and we'll once more be together! Until we meet again!

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