Thursday, May 21, 2020

Fun time: Walking with the toddlers

Walking with the little guys could be extremely interesting at times and for me it is almost always very interesting.

On the one hand, I need to get to their levels of height and walk in a bended position with them. On the other hand, they are laughing so hard because they are doing their best to extend their tiny arms up to my level.

Sometimes I take their little hands in mine and we walk jauntily together. At other times they grab on to my little finger and proceed to guide me. These are the times when I need to grin and bear the pain! Then there are times when they simply grab onto my hand and we do our best to walk together.

On the whole, I always find it very refreshing to walk with the toddlers. I always seem to learn something new while we walk. For they chat, laugh, ask questions, tell me about their activities, and so much more.

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