Friday, May 15, 2020

An unusual and unique dog: Tiger's loyalty

This very beloved dog was always the model of loyalty to the family but especially so to Mom.  He watched over her, guarded her with his life, and even just before he closed his eyes for the last time he lay there looking at her.

Tiger possessed such a very fascinating personality. He would play with us but only on his terms. He was a dog who knew what he wanted and when he wanted it. He ate with gusto, enjoyed food, and loved to chase the birds along the beach.

In addition, he loved to show off his athletic side by outrunning Jeeps whenever he could; running ahead of them on the beach. He would whisk snacks out of my hand, just barely touching my palm as he nimbly jumped and retrieved them. He would scale the half gates and half doors with consummate ease and grace and then just stand there waiting to be praised.

Tiger was tall and muscular. A mixed breed of Labrador plus other mixtures. Light brown, with long legs and a long body. That was our Tiger! Loyal from start to finish!

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