Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Favourite childhood memories: Playing with Nancy

There are so many childhood memories of Nancy and me to cherish forever. She and I were so very close until we parted ways; she to Venezuela and I to England.

We were just teenagers then but it never stopped us from staying close across the miles and each time we met in person it was so very special to me.

Nancy read to me. She played with me. We walked arm in arm along the beach on so many sunny occasions. We spent countless holidays at the beach and she stayed at our home so many times.

Nancy and I used to dream of traveling the world together. We talked about boyfriends, our girlhood thoughts, long hours spent going through Mom's magazines and cutting out pictures, and then Nancy making those scrap books for me.

I'll never forget you, cousin Nancy! I think of you often and wonder when next I'll get to sit next to you and reminisce quietly about our childhood days. Keep well now until I see you again.

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