Friday, May 8, 2020

A sober reality: Fear of more scams

It is only natural and realistic to expect that more scams are going to be the order of the day now, and that scammers and hackers are going to get even more daring. For those with a disability and focusing on those with a
vision impairment, this is not good news.

For me, as a vision-impaired person, I need to ensure that I am on top of things at all times. That I do not falter, fall down on the job as they say, or be caught napping.

Especially so when it comes to paying extra attention to those websites that ask me to check out their offers, phone calls with automated messages, and emails with false queries.

I need to ensure that the scam protection software on my computers is always up to date. So much to do but I have no choice.

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