Friday, August 31, 2018

Extra precaution: Making sure with my mail

I have always had and shall always need a very disciplined approach when it comes to sorting my mail, and why?

Because I need to ensure that I keep what I need to keep and not throw it out in error and to throw away those mails that are what I call junk mail.  In many cases it is not too hard for me to decipher but I still need to be watchful.  I use my Ipal Solo stand-alone scanner to help me out but once in a while my trusted scanner is unable to read accurately and I either need to guess or seek sighted assistance. 

Nevertheless, I am careful and watchful each time I sort my mail.  We are living in a world where scammers are everywhere and they are only waiting to pounce whenever we give them the slightest of opportunities to take advantage of our slip ups.  That is, when we inadvertently become a wee bit careless and throw away important mail in our garbage.

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