Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A springtime favourite: Awaiting the doves

This is probably one of my favourite annual springtime anticipations, the arrival of the doves to give birth to their little ones on our balcony.

This balcony is just outside my office and each year the adult doves come by for a visit which lasts for about a month or so.

I know that they have arrived when I hear them on a quiet early morning as I work in my office.  I can hear them chatting with each other and it does not matter that I cannot see them because of not having nearly enough vision, they are most welcome to my balcony.

Then, a few days later, I can tell that something has occurred: yes!  The birth of some little ones but I do not know how many.  Then, from here on in it is a total delight and pleasure for me.

Each morning I look forward to hearing them.  I start work at around 3 am and they already seem to be awake.   I can easily distinguish between parents and kids; the voices are very different to my ear.  The little ones have voices that are soft, sweet, and hesitant while the parents  are bolder and more authoritative.

I estimate that my feathered guests stay for about a month with me and then they are gone.  The family moves out without notifying me but I know that others will be back next year.

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