Thursday, September 27, 2018

No fun! When notifications are not in electronic format

There used to be a time when the property management office would often forget to provide me with notifications in electronic format. But ever since I complained robustly with a mild threat that I would take them to court if this continued, everything has changed.

It is usually not my style to threaten anyone but when the lack of electronic notifications could easily lead to some interesting situations and potential danger, then here is where I draw the line.

Here is an example.
I could be sitting around in my condo in a state of undress and workers enter my condo to carry out some work.  Of course we have been notified beforehand but I never got the notice so this is what has happened and now everyone, especially me, is totally embarrassed.

Another example would be if a notice is circulated giving out new numbers for the superintendents and an emergency arises and I do not have their numbers because I never received the notice in a readable format.  I am in difficulty and who do I call?

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