Thursday, August 16, 2018

Great times: Memories of the Tabi Stores

I have to admit that shopping at the Tabi stores was probably one of my most cherished and favourite memories.  Mom and I were treated to wonderful service from our favourite sales lady, Nouri.

Nouri was not just our favourite sales lady, she was a friend and a confidante.  Nouri always had time for us.  She helped us to choose our clothes, took time to make sure that we were happy and satisfied, and she always took time to chat with us.

I never got tired of shopping at the Tabi stores.  I loved to smell the new clothes and to examine all of Nouri's suggestions.  When I had enough vision to see what I was buying, I would simply love to spend time among the racks, matching and mixing outfits.

There are so many happy memories for me and even after she was transferred from the Fairview Mall to downtown, we still kept in touch. As I write this, I wonder what Nouri is up to these days and I can only wish and hope that she is well and enjoying whatever she is doing. Such a unique and unusual person!

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