Friday, April 28, 2017

Great memories: Happy times in the Savannah

hey sure were such happy times for me and they are times that shall always remain in a very special corner of my heart.

I can still remember learning to fly a kite with my dad and playing all kinds of ball games with him and my brothers.  I remember racing around on Jeffrey's scooter with him running alongside me and laughing at the top of his voice.  I remember running as hard as I could with Jeffrey and Nancy and enjoying it so much as the fresh, cool air blew gently through my hair and across my cheeks.

Then there were the times when Dad and I would take our dog, Yella, for walks and she would just go off and roll around in smelly dirt and then Dad would scold her before taking her home to give her a bath and another scolding.

Then Dad would take Jeffrey and me to see the race horses and we would stand there watching them do their morning exercises and Dad and Jeffrey would describe everything to me.

Then there were the more quiet times: walking with Mom and Dad in the Savannah, feeling the cool grass under my feet, listening to the sweet singing birds,  inhaling the fragrance of nearby flowers, and sitting quietly on the benches while Dad read and Mom and I chatted.

Ah, yes!  Those cherished memories for a lifetime.

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