Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fond memories: Growing up with the cousins

I can honestly say that memories of growing up with my cousins were ones of cherished and never to be forgotten times. There are so many memories for me to look back on but I'll tell you honesty that if you ever wanted to talk about equality, then my cousins showed how it was done.

They never differentiated against me!  They always treated me without any semblance of being afraid to play with me, talk with me, and have so much fun with me.

They walked with me, talked with me, swam with me, played hide and seek with me, plus so much more.  They even played football and cricket with me and never grumbled whenever I asked for help.  They even played cards with me and taught me so much.

They were mainstream kids who adapted so well to playing with a kid who was vision impaired.  We were close and saw each other so very often.  My, how I loved each of them in their own special way and even today we still manage to stay connected.

We love reminiscing about the good old times: building sand castles and water pools on the beach, running with the dogs, and cutting out photos from Mom's magazines, plus so much more! These memories will be mine forever and my cousins will be mine forever.

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