Thursday, April 13, 2017

A childhood reflection: Riding the tricycle in our yard

I can still remember the absolute delight as I used to zoom around our yard on my tricycle.  Oh,, how I loved to just get on my little tricycle and then pedal as fast as I could.  I am very certain that my parents were watching me very carefully to make sure that I did not bump into anything.  I could practically feel their eyes on me from their second floor lookout as I raced around the yard.

I usually did it on evenings when there were not too many cars coming in and out of the yard.  The good thing is that I always rode around using the parked cars as my guide and in those days I had enough vision to see the cars and their bright colors.

I sure worked up a sweat and by the time I was done my clothes were soaking wet and then it was time to have my evening shower.

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