Friday, April 21, 2017

Lessons for a lifetime: What did I learn in England?

Despite it being so long ago I can honestly tell you that I learned so much and these are the lessons that have helped to shape me as a person.

I did not just learn how much Britain had to endure during those World Wars, I learned the true meaning of the phrase "stiff upper lip."  I also learned how hard this great country fought to stay alive and what it did in order to triumph and live to tell the tale.

I learned why Britain is often referred to as "Great Britain" and I also learned all about the important part Royalty plays in its history.  I learned all about a new culture and I came to appreciate the challenges that others face and the diverse challenges at that.

I learned to appreciate my family even more and I learned not to take anything for granted.  I learned to be more giving and sharing and I learned what selflessness is all about.

Most of all, I learned all about sacrifice, loyalty, and how not to give up in the face of adversity.  I learned how to endure and problem solve and I learned never to take anyone for granted and to appreciate friendships.

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