Wednesday, April 5, 2017

An interesting experience: When the pill rolled off the counter

Looking back, now, this particular memory was one that was a very interesting one.  I had brought my vitamin pills out to the counter and had laid them out but I needed to fetch some juice in order to wash them down.

So, off I went to get my juice and upon returning I discovered that I could only find two of the three pills.  At first I thought that the missing pill had just rolled away on the counter, but I was wrong.

The pill had actually rolled off the counter and had fallen onto the floor and now I had to use my logic to figure out where it was.  Sure, I could have asked my mom to help me locate it but this time I wanted to do my own searching.

So, I composed myself and then I began a methodical search on the floor, trying to figure out which direction the pill had taken.

This paid off quickly for me because before I knew it my fingers had found the missing pill.  Score one for me on this day.

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