Friday, March 24, 2017

More happy days: Lunchtime at school

This was the time in high school when I would get together with my little group of friends.  There was Debra, Kathleen, Bernadette, and Lyn.

There we were, seated on the floor outside of the chemistry lab with our lunch boxes.  Each of us had different things to share but for the most part it was Debra and I who shared.  She loved the lunches that Mom made for me: yummy potato salad and baked chicken, macaroni pie, and those fat, juicy sandwiches. I loved the Chinese food that her parents used to pack in her lunch kit.

We were a tight little group of five and even after Lyn left we continued to eat lunch together.  Then we graduated from sitting on the floor to sitting on benches with tables at the back of the school.  This was a sort of courtyard that faced the boys college and my friends never tired of describing the boys to me as they walked by our school.

Of course the boys would also take the opportunity to peek into our yard as they walked by and I am very sure that they, too, made comments among themselves.  Oh, yes!  Those were the good old days, forever gone but never to be forgotten!

We ate lunch together for three marvelous years!  We chatted, discussed, and my friends would often read to me! Then we would finish our lunches and return to sit at our desks and wait for afternoon classes to begin.

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