Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Looking back: Playing with Jeffrey's toys

I can easily say that as a child I certainly had the best of two worlds. That is, I was able to play with my girl's toys, either on my own or with my girl cousins, and then, on the other hand, with my brother Jeffrey's toys.

I looked upon this as having been able to enjoy two different worlds. Jeffrey is my twin brother so there was no age barrier.  I played with his toy cars and toy soldiers.   I simply loved to drive them around on the carpet, and then there were his little trucks, vans, and buses.

One of my favorites was his space ship and another was his Mix Master cement mixer.  He always used to let me play with them for hours on end.

Then he would help me tie bits of string around his larger cars and pull them around our home.  There was his police car, the patrol car, the large bus, and the old-timer car!  And oh, yes!  The Ferrari race car, which was one of my favorites.

Sometimes I tried out his pop guns but I was always afraid of the noise that they made.  The one thing that I stayed away from, however, was his model planes because I knew how much he treasured them. I was always afraid that I would break them if I touched them too hard.  However, my parents would let me touch them once in a while so that I could get an idea of their shape.

Oh, yes!  How much I enjoyed playing with Jeffrey's toys!  Those tiny cars and toy soldiers will forever be in my mind, and yes!  Playing with the sailboats in our large, plastic swimming pool.

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