Thursday, March 23, 2017

Happy times: Soap operas on the radio

Oh, how I remember listening to these on our radio.  I must have started when I was about six years old and along with Mom and Granny it was the time of day when we three got to sit together.  There was no TV so we had to depend on the radio. Even after TV came to our neighborhood, we continued our rituals.

Soap operas seemed to play all day long on the various radio stations, starting from around 10 am and ending at around 4 pm and then again it resumed at supper time and ended at bedtime.

I sure remember sneaking my small transistor radio in my school bag and trying to listen to the soap operas during break time and again at lunch. Then when I went home I would race to find Mom and Granny to ask what went on during the day with the ones that I had missed.

They were always so ready to tell me everything and I was such an avid listener.  The voices in the soap operas were so clear and easy to understand and the descriptions were unquestionably the best.  We had no difficulty following along.

As I think about it now, these soap operas dealt mainly with human conflict and descriptions of crime and sex were kept to a very minimum.  This definitely did not prevent listeners from deriving lots of enjoyment. Blind or sighted, listeners used to flock to their radios to tune in.

Would it be possible to bring back those wonderful soap operas?

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