Thursday, March 16, 2017

A childhood memory: My special sea game

I can still remember my special little sea game and I do not think that anyone really knew about it. At least I hope that no one knew.

It was all about me and those wonderful waves.  The big ones and the small ones.  I floated over the small ones and jumped over the big ones.  Then there was good old Dad who was always there to tell me when to jump.

It was amazing how much he was involved but I still do not know if he knew about my games.

He would tell me when to jump and sometimes I got it and sometimes I missed it completely.  Then there were the times when I really missed and the wave would get the better of me and send me sprawling towards the beach where I would land face down at the edge of the water.

Strange, but I was never embarrassed. Just more determined than ever to try again and then Dad would be there to play along.  Ah, yes!  my sea games forever.

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