Thursday, April 27, 2017

Great reflections: Imagining while sitting in my high chair

These were the times  when I was growing up that I got to truly imagine.  How well I remember doing this as I sat there fighting off bouts of fever and tonsillitis! As a child I suffered much from tonsillitis and spent too many moments either in bed or seated in my high chair with Mom close by.

I still remember those days.  I would be overcome with high fever and tonsillitis and Mom would have to look after me.  She would give me a hot bath, feed me the usual soup, juice, and toast, and then dress me in warm PJs and let me sit in a high chair until I told her that I wanted to go to bed. Then she would lift me out of the chair and put me in my bed.

However, as I sat in my high chair, shaking from the fever, I did manage to imagine. I imagined so many things!  I dreamed of becoming a story teller and writing about fairies, princes, princesses, and kings and queens.  Then I dreamed of becoming a lawyer and then I dreamed of becoming a good swimmer and ice skater.  These were the major things but, of course, there were many other imaginings.

Guess what?  I am so very delighted and humbled to say that my imagination has turned into reality!  I am now an audio mystery writer, and I can ice skate and swim reasonably well.  However, I am still working on becoming a lawyer.

Gosh!  I need to thank my imagination, don't you think?

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