Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Precious memories forever: When the dogs greeted me

Oh, boy!  I can still remember those flailing tails and booming voices of my dogs as they used to greet me when I would come home from school or from anywhere else.  They would be jumping all around me and then leaping to my shoulders to catch my attention but the most memorable moment was when I returned home from England after having spent a year there as a student.

For one fleeting moment I thought that they would have forgotten me but how wrong I was.  No, no!  Not at all!  As soon as they saw me they went crazy!

They barked!  They howled with delight!  They danced and flailed their tails!  And all I could do was to simply stand there and reach out my arms to them!  Ah, yes!  They were my most loyal friends!  My Lion and my Tiger!

Then the whole episode was repeated days later when I traveled to my granny's home to see Boyo and Brownie!  No difference!  Same loyal and loving reception!

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