Friday, May 19, 2017

A funny experience: When the kettle leaked

Looking back at this particular instance it was not very funny at the time but now I can smile a bit more when remembering.

At first, no one seemed to know where the water that was making puddles on my counter had come from.  One guess was that it had come from up above via a leak in the ceiling.  Another guess was that it came from a tap that had been left running and that the water had overflowed onto the counter.  Then we figured it out.

The poor old kettle was the culprit, so to speak.  We had filled it too full and as a result the water came running out.  This could happen to anyone but when you are vision impaired it takes a bit more thinking and figuring out to identify the reason.

Sometimes my head hurts just trying to figure out things but I have to accept this and just deal with it.

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