Thursday, May 25, 2017

Such wonderful times: Remembering the toys at school

It's funny how this particular memory keeps popping into my mind every so often and each time it does I enjoy it even more.  I can still picture the images of those precious little toys racing around in my mind.

From the peg board to the Lego's, from the alphabet board to the blocks and villages, the puzzles to the train sets, and the construction disks to the fishing game.

There were no computers or iDevices in those days.  Just toys that were meant to teach us, as vision-impaired kids, all kinds of different things. We learned the various shapes through our shape boards.  We learned how to build various objects through our Lego's, blocks, and construction sets and we learned our alphabet letters by having to fit the letters into slots on the board.

The alphabet board was probably one of my favorite toys followed by the villages which we used to construct mini villages.  We did it through the use of tiny plastic sticks, beads, and blocks.  Then there were mini trees, boats, and carriages to go along with these sets.

I must not forget the Plasticine and clay which our teachers often gave to us and then asked us to make various objects.  Anything from boats and baskets filled with eggs to bats and balls and airplanes.

Then we learned how to make paper planes and rockets and fly them outdoors. We made paper fans and picture frames and hats.  We made houses with our Lego's and the list went on and on.  Those were the days when we had to use our imaginations to create and I loved every moment of it all.

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