Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Precious memories: Mom and I in St. Lucia

Mom and I have been making it our annual holiday since 2011 and this is an event that I really look forward to every year. Yes!  It's girls' time and we head off to sweet St. Lucia every year to simply relax and have some down time.

It is always so interesting to me whenever we go down for our meals.  These are always buffet style meals and, as always, Mom is my main helper. But the staff has grown so used to us now that they automatically help us out at meal time.

Everyone is just so helpful and oh so cool.  They chat and laugh with us. They bring us whatever we want and they know exactly how to help me out as a blind person.

Then there is the always to remember beach with the sand and surf in limitless abundance.  Nights are very special to me as it is the time when I get to be in touch with my imagination, my self, and my thoughts.

Mornings and evenings on our balcony are so relaxing and so memorable.  Just listening to the sound of the waves as they break gently on the sandy shore, the singing birds and the chirping crickets.

Ah, yes! Sweet St. Lucia!

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