Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A great memory: Mom and the lizards

Never mind that Mom really does not appreciate having those lizards come too close to her, this is how I also feel.  I cannot see them so I allow my imagination to take over whenever I sense that they are close.

How do I know that they are nearby?  First off, they make a sort of a clacking sound when they are close by and then there is good old Mom!  She normally shrieks and runs away whenever she sees any of them.

She may be opening the door to any of her kitchen or pantry cupboards or she may be in her garden or she may even be in her laundry room when they appear.  I am usually not too far away and her protestations are followed by her reaching for her spray can to spray them.

I usually find all of this very funny and humorous but truth be told I am sure glad that I cannot see these lizards.  I can only use my imagination to figure out what is happening.

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