Friday, February 10, 2017

Forever my doll house: My makeshift doll house

This is exactly what it was.  It was a makeshift doll house but it was mine, nevertheless, and I loved and cherished it because I had created it with my own two hands along with my imagination.

This is what it was.  A large piece of board supported by two small crates. There were three tiny rooms.  The center room was the one between the two crates and the outer rooms did not have any outside wall. I placed all of my main furniture in the two outer rooms while my little dolls slept in the center room.

I did all of my cooking and ironing and other activities on top of the board and I called this my kitchen and pantry.  I made space for a very tiny yard outside of my little house and there I would bring my dolls out to play.  It worked very well and it was my little space in our family's home and mine alone.  Everyone left me to do what I needed to do and even the dogs respected my privacy.

I can still picture it now.  It was all mine and will be mine forever.  Mine where I played, imagined, created, and dreamed.  Dreams that I kept secret and ones that, for the most part, have come true.

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