Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My reflection: Mom's favorite supermarket

Oh, how I love going to Mom’s favorite supermarket!  It is always a treat whenever I go grocery shopping with this very special lady.

We set out early in the morning and soon we are there!  The many smells of food cooking, fresh produce, baked goods, and so much more simply tantalize my nostrils.

On most occasions Mom’s favorite supermarket is crowded with shoppers pushing shopping carts loaded with all kinds of goods, standing around in the aisles chatting and laughing among themselves, and shoppers conversing in various languages other than English.

Some are carrying on conversations in English.  Others are greeting each other in Spanish while others are exchanging information in a Chinese dialect.  I stop, I listen, and I take it all in and I thoroughly enjoy the entire scene.

Mom would often stop to greet a friend and then she would introduce me to them.  Then we would move on to continue filling our own shopping cart.

Christmastime is probably my favorite time to visit Mom’s favorite supermarket as it is overflowing with goodies of all kinds and the crowds are thick and noisy.  It is the time when smells simply outdo themselves as they compete for my attention.

Ah, yes!  This is Mom’s favorite supermarket!

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