Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Memories forever: My little blue rocking chair

I still remember my little blue rocking chair: so tiny, so delicate and so bright.  Oh how I loved it and I can still remember sitting in it and being afraid to rock too hard in it for fear of breaking it.

I must have been only about five or six years old and thank goodness that I was very petite or else I may not have been able to fit in it.  My memories are clear but the one thing is that I do not even know now what became of it.

All of this being said, I definitely have great memories of my little blue rocking chair.  I really loved and cherished it and will always hold these memories very close to my heart.  Those were the days when I could just sit, rock gently, and imagine so many things.  I imagined about fairies, kings and queens, and princes and princesses.  I imagined swimming with the fishes and flying with the birds and I dreamed of flying with fairies and playing with princes and princesses.

Ah, yes!  My childhood dreams and ones that live on in my mind and will be there forever.  My little blue rocking chair sure helped me to imagine.

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