Friday, January 27, 2017

Memories forever: My childhood summer holidays

Many may say that memories of one's childhood summer holidays would probably fall into the ordinary category but I would say that they fell into the extra special category.  You see, these are memories of holidays spent with family and dogs.  Memories that were created when I had very limited vision but at the same time they were memories created with lots of time to allow my imagination to wonder, roam, and grow.

Ah, yes!  being able to think and create stories in my head as I lay there at night listening to the waves break upon the sandy shore.  Being able to actually memorize some of them as I tossed and turned, the crickets sang and the dogs walked back and forth along the floor of our beach house and all this just before sleep grabbed a hold of me.

Being able to plan exciting mysteries in my head while the mosquitoes buzzed and the fresh sea breeze wafted freely through a quiet house.

Being able to create sand castles and mountains on the sandy beach, construct pools of all shapes and sizes, dig for clams, and enjoy the surf and warm Caribbean water while thinking about what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Being able to simply sit there and allow myself to be just another child among my brothers and cousins while they read to me, played marbles with me, and then we would go out and play all kinds of games such as hide and seek, cricket, football, and then the lagoon activities.

Ah, yes!  Those cherished memories of my childhood summer holidays.

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