Friday, January 20, 2017

So many years ago: Remembering my favorite wash basin

You may be asking then, so what's so special about any wash basin?  And here is my answer, for what it is worth.

It was a lovely green color, very large, and just the right size for me to play in with my boats.  I simply loved this wash basin that was in our family's bathroom.

On so many quiet days when the family was otherwise occupied with other activities, I would fill my favorite wash basin with water and then I would put my little boats into the water.  Then I would stand there and simply play with them.

My imagination would simply take me to so many places: to different countries, to a peaceful river, to the deep blue sea, and even to a lagoon void of ripples.

I would sail my little boats, have boat races, and then I would make waves in the water to rock the boats.  The larger ones often withstood the waves but the poor little ones often sank to the bottom.

Oh, how I loved it all.  No one ever really interrupted my time with my boats and if ever they peaked in on me, I would never know.  My times with my boats in my favorite wash basin were priceless memories and always will be.

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