Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A cherished memory: Remembering Peter and the goat

This is one of my most favorite and cherished childhood memories.  Memories that I shall forever keep close to me.

They were special because they were so simple and they were special because Peter himself was one of the kindest and gentlest of persons.  As I write this I can still hear his soft voice explaining all kinds of things to me as I stood there playing with our goat.

I was but a child then, about six or seven, and Peter could have been old enough to be my grandpa.  He told me so many things about our goat: what she loved to eat, play with, and what she liked to do.

Then, as I stood there on so many occasions, he would teach me about mother nature and the beautiful things around me.  He told me about the trees, flowers, the moon and the stars.  He was patient and answered all of my many questions, never hesitating to do so.

I never had a grandpa so Peter was the closest thing to this.  Then there was his dog who he named See for Me!  A quiet dog, very similar in temperament to Peter.  So many wonderful times were spent with Peter, the goat, and his dog.

Thank you, Peter, for having come into my life and for having treated me not as a blind child, but just another curious kid!

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