Thursday, January 12, 2017

He is just a hunter! Rico and the bird

He had only done what normal cats do, that is following his natural instincts, but for some reason it did not sit very well with me on this day.

There I was, working away at Mom's dining room table on a quiet Saturday afternoon and suddenly my concentration was interrupted by the screaming of a bird.  No, it did not take me very long to know what was going on but unfortunately for the pretty little dove it was too late.

Rico, our adopted outdoor cat, had somehow managed to capture an unsuspecting bird victim and now he was going to have him for dinner.  There was nothing that anyone could have done. 

It always bothers me whenever such incidents take place and even more when I am unable to see what is going on.   Needless to say that Rico certainly got a huge scolding and tongue lashing from all of us and I do believe that he somehow understood. 😊!

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