Friday, May 2, 2014

Memories of my teddy bears

Each of these furry ones shall forever stand out in my mind. There was Rolly Polly. There was Andy Pander. There was Oswald, and then there was Teddy!

Rolly Polly was a huge, fat, golden teddy bear that my parents bought me when I was about five years old. He lived on my bed for many years. Then there was Andy Pander who was a black and white bear with nice ears. My brother, Robert, had won him at a fair. I always remembered Robert telling me that he would bring Andy Pander home to me just before he went out to the fair with Mom, my aunt and cousin, and her friend. Robert did not disappoint me and I immediately loved him, putting him to lie right next to Rolly Polly on my bed.

Oswald came a bit later on and he was a small yellow bear. He was a tough little guy but I still loved him, nevertheless, and found a space for him on my bed.

Teddy was the last to come and by that time I was beginning to outgrow teddy bears, but he, too, had a special spot on my bed. He was small but very furry.

Ah yes! Memories of my teddy bears forever.

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