Friday, May 16, 2014

When the crabs came out

I'll never forget that fateful night when the crabs came out! It was a moonlit night of so many years ago and the family was indeed expecting them to run as it is a common belief still held today that crabs almost always run on moonlit nights.

I, for one, was bound and determined that I would not let them pinch my toes because I was told that if you were to somehow get in their way as they ran then they would pinch your feet with their sharp pincers.

These were the blue back crabs as they were called. Large, fast-moving creations of nature that came out of their holes in the sand on moonlit nights to run around in their own domain. They would run on the beach. They would run along on dirt paths, and they would even run on grassy slopes and banks. I was never really able to see what they looked like but based on descriptions from Granny and Dad, they were quite cute in their own way. They were of all sizes, from quite small to being quite large. Large being the size of the palm of an adult. They had large pinchers, large claws, and their backs were blue. Blue ranging from light blue to very dark blue.

Such memories for me are so precious and I am really glad that I have them forever.

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