Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Memories of a bathtub

Sure! There are many of us who often take our bathtub for granted and that's okay, but for me memories of a bathtub have so many wonderful recollections.

The first time that I was really able to see my bathtub was after I had my first cornea transplant. Like a kid in a candy store! I filled my bathtub with clear sparkling water then I carefully inserted frothy bath bubbles from a large bottle of the sweet smelling stuff. Then I sat and watched for a very long time as the bubbles formed and then floated gently and gracefully on the surface of the water. I was absolutely mesmerized and could not take my eyes away. The water grew cool and still I continued to sit and watch.

Then, when finally I returned to reality, I took my fingers and began to play with the frothy water. The bubbles quickly dispersed but then they came back together and continued their circular journey around the tub. Then I refreshed the water with some more warm water and made more bubbles then sat and watched in pure fascination.

I took my fingers and tried to form shapes out of the bubbles. I do not think that I did too badly for a first time. I loved the feel of the froth. I loved the sight of the fluffy froth and most of all! The sweet smell of everything!

That was then and this is now! I can no longer see the bubbles in my bathtub but I sure have dozens of memories.

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