Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Remembering my favorite page

This was not an easy choice for me but I'll have to choose the one that bore the headlines in the Montreal Star in 1979 that announced that once again the Montreal Canadiens hockey team had won the Stanley Cup!

This was one of the first set of headlines that I was able to see after my first cornea transplant and what a memorable moment for me! I shall never forget, and as I sit here writing this I can still feel the chills going up and down my back.

Below the bold headlines were pictures of the cup and players jumping for joy as they jostled each other to touch the prized trophy. There I was, sitting next to my dad on the couch as he gleefully held out the page to me and allowed me to read it aloud! As I read I could feel him starting to share my excitement but not for the reasons that I was excited! He was ecstatic because I was now able to read the headlines of a newspaper! My first cornea transplant was working!

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