Thursday, May 1, 2014

Giving the dogs a bath

I used to love to do this when I was growing up and we had three huge dogs: Yella, the mom, and her two handsome sons, Lion and Tiger. Sometimes there was Boyo and Brownie, too, and they were Yella's other kids.

This momentous event usually took place on a Sunday and seemed to be a family affair. I never refused to help with this chore and our dogs never disappointed me. I would even venture to say that somehow they knew when it was going to happen and they never made a fuss.

They would stand absolutely still and allow me to bathe them. First I would take the hose and wet them down. Next came the soap and finally the rinsing. They never moved! They never complained and I never missed a beat!

Those dogs were always so well behaved and I was so proud of them. Moreover, I was always so happy that my family allowed me to bathe them and they never made me feel that I could not do it because of being blind.

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