Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reaching out for objects

Careful now! This is one of the most challenging things for me these days, reaching out for objects. First off, I need to be careful when I reach out for objects. Don't reach out far enough and I run the great risk of missing it altogether and my hands may just crash into it sending it flying somewhere beyond my reach. Reach out too far and then I could possibly either grab something else or nothing at all.

I need to ensure that I am pin point when reaching out for an object. That I can judge precisely where it is and if I happen to miss it then I am close enough to it to be able to grab it without too much difficulty. It often requires a very focused and concentrated effort to be bang on the money but sometimes this does not really help. I need to be able to judge where the object is before reaching out. Reaching for objects from others may be a bit easier as in general you have the person who is handing you the object to guide you. However, if the person is blind then there is another hurdle to overcome.

Another challenge may be banging into the object sending it flying and spilling its contents if, for example, it is a glass, cup, plate, saucer, bowl, or jug or mug. It sure makes life very interesting when you have to reach out for an object.

Grabbing for something is probably not the answer for me. Mounting a gentle search is what works.

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