Thursday, January 16, 2014

Toys that dance in my head

Truth be told, I am and shall forever be a child at heart. I am like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to my favorite toys. I used to love to look at the various colors of balls, tea sets, and so much more. I used to love to look at the little doll houses, the dolls, furniture, and all of their clothes and accessories.

I can still remember the colors and shapes of them all but now, with precious little vision at my disposal, I need to remember them through my mind's eye. I can tell you that they sure dance in front of me whenever I choose to dust off those precious memories and bring them back to life.

I can still conjure up memories of those exquisite doll houses with the rooms, kitchens, chairs and tables. The dolls with their fancy costumes. The chimneys and the sloping roofs. The bright colors of the houses themselves.

I can still remember the yellow, red, and green balls with matching bats. I can still remember the delicate little cups and saucers with their jugs, sugar bowls, and milk jugs. Matching tea sets waiting for me to have a tea party.

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