Thursday, January 9, 2014

Memories of a waterfall

Oh, how well-preserved is this memory! It is saved in my memory bank forever. It sits there and can be recalled at a second's notice. I often use this memory to help me relax and recharge, but most of all I use it to help me visualize those huge plumes of white water shooting into the air and then falling backwards into the lake.

I can clearly remember the waterfall at Niagara and others as well. Just sitting there and watching the white water go on its way. I also remember one that I saw in a small lake as I sat there with my friends on a grassy bank on a summer's day.

Water has also fascinated me, from the ocean to the lake and from the lagoon to the river. That huge mass of white water jumping high into the air is no different. Ah yes, my memory of a waterfall forever.

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