Friday, January 10, 2014

Memories of a bus ride

This particular bus ride happened when I had enough vision to see out the window of the bus. It was memorable to me because it took place on a trip from Montreal to a lake in the country. It was summertime and as the bus traveled along I had the pleasure of sitting in a window seat. I could see outside and marveled as the bus drove quietly on its way.

I saw trees in full bloom loaded with thick green leaves. I saw fields with animals walking and standing around in them. I saw kids playing in the fields, as well, and I saw some houses with clothes hanging on wash lines.

I admired the shrubbery as we drove along and I loved seeing all the different colors. As the bus neared the lake I sat and took it all in.

The peaceful lake with boats sailing gracefully by. There were some swimmers, too, and people walking on the beach. Oh, how I loved it all and I can still bring up this memory whenever I need to.

Of course, I can no longer see and appreciate these sites, but you know what? I have my precious memories well preserved in my memory bank forever.

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