Friday, January 17, 2014

Any hope of vision for me?

No, no! Why? According to my learned eye doctors, it is not medically possible at this time but one never knows. One should never give up hope that some or one day soon there will be a medical breakthrough. It is happening all of the time so why not hope?

Am I hopeful? Definitely so! I live in hope. I am extremely lucky that for 25 years I was able to see the world through limited vision and for this I shall always be grateful. There are so many blind persons who never had what I did. I was able to see so much and to appreciate so much. I saw the sun! I saw the moon, the stars, and the skies! I saw rainbows, white capped waves, and jade green and deep blue seas! I saw birds and butterflies! I saw skaters on the ice, the flickering of Christmas lights, and cookies and cakes on tables, buffet tables, and so much more! Above all, I saw Jesus in a manger with Mary, Joseph, and the angels as well! I saw the faces of my beloved parents and brothers! I saw the faces of others! I saw so much and shall forever remember.

If I am not fortunate enough to regain it then for sure! I'll regain it when I see God and my loved ones in the next world and what a day that will be!

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