Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fr. Knolly Knox

I can honestly say that this wonderful friend of the family had something that was truly unique to me. His voice certainly matched his qualities. If you were to ask me to describe this gentle priest, I would say that his voice told it all.

At one time I did have enough vision to see what he looked like but, truth be told, I used to love to listen to his soft and gentle voice and this told me everything that I needed to know. Fr. Knolly's voice was an audio description of the man himself and there are not many people that I could honestly say this about. I do not even know if it is at all possible to be able to listen to a voice and then develop a profile of their personality from it. Yet for Fr. Knolly, this is how I envisioned him.

His voice was soft, gentle, crisp, and clear. His voice was almost always calm and emitted tones of humor, warmth, and sincerity. This is how I shall always remember him.

I will always think of him with a smile, a twinkle in his eyes, and a brisk step to his walk. I was always able to distinguish his footsteps as he used to come bounding up the stairs of our home. They were quick easy steps.

Rest in peace Fr. Knolly!

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