Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Counting money with the bank teller

This is my way of making sure that the teller at the bank gives me exactly what I have asked for.  That is, the exact amount of money.

So this is how it works.  I approach the customer counter and there I give over my bank book to the teller telling them how much I need and in what denominations.

Next I give them my bank card and they ask me to enter my pin number.  Then, after a few minutes, they return with my money.  They proceed to count the money in front of me and I listen carefully for the sound of the money being counted.

The teller counts orally as she goes and I count silently to myself along with her.  Then the teller asks me if I would like my money in an envelope or in my hand.  I chose the former.

Now my visit to the bank is over and I am sure that I have received the correct amount before I leave.  It works for me as someone who is blind but I am sure that it is not much different for someone who is sighted.

I'm Donna J. Jodhan, your friendly accessibility advocate, wishing you a terrific day.

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