Thursday, April 28, 2016

Finding my birth certificate

Just imagine my panic some months ago when I decided to go hunting for my birth certificate and could not find it.

I knew that I had it but the question was where did I put it?  So began the hunt for my birth certificate and I did not want to ask anyone to help me out because I am one of those who guards her date of birth with her life!

My trusted friend, Gabriella, was not around to help and no one else that I trusted with this vital info was close by to come to my rescue.

I spent endless hours hunting and when I felt that I had found it I then used my scanner to verify, but guess what.  My scanner failed to read what I thought was my birth certificate well enough to convince me that it was, indeed, my birth certificate.

So, what did I end up doing?  I had to wait for months when finally my mom came for a visit and then she helped me to locate it.  It turns out that my birth certificate was exactly where I had put it.

Ah yes!  Another challenge as someone without vision.

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