Friday, April 15, 2016

Concentrating on my tennis

It is time for me to start concentrating more on my tennis.  I have been away for a bit too long and I sure miss it.

It is actually called Blind Tennis and we play with balls that are filled with bells.  The balls are made of sponge and are very light weight.  They bounce around a lot and one needs to get used to all of this.

Concentration is paramount if one really wants to have a good game.  Alan Ma, the man in charge who has been running this since 2010, is simply a very terrific person with the utmost of patience and a great willingness to ensure that everything goes right.

I started out going every week but over time I slacked off and now I need to return to this.  I sure miss it but will do my best to keep up in future.

I'm Donna J. Jodhan, your friendly accessibility advocate, wishing you a terrific day.

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