Thursday, April 21, 2016

Picturing Santa Claus

I know!  It's not Christmas and I am writing this article in the spring of 2016.  So why am I picturing Santa Claus at this time of the year?

I am afraid that I do not have any sound response but suffice it to say that I usually try to picture the man in the big red suit whenever I think of kids, toys, jolly times, and tables loaded with lots and lots of goodies.

Yes, I am a true fan of Santa Claus!  So how do I picture him?  I already know what he looks like having been able to see him before now when I had enough vision to do so.

For me, his smile will never change and the twinkle in his big blue eyes will be forever.  His flowing white beard will always be imprinted in my mind and his big red suit will always be a part of the Christmas landscape.

For me, he is never in the same pose.  He could be standing at a street corner surrounded by kids.  He could be walking in the snow followed by his reindeer.  He could be sitting in his sleigh or he could even be sitting on a beach working on his numerous Christmas lists.

This is how I picture the jolly old man!

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