Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Remembering the moon

How could I ever forget the moon and what she looks like?  Not very easy to forget and now that my vision is almost completely gone, I depend very heavily on my memory to keep her astounding beauty alive forever.

As a child I used to always spend endless moments looking up at the moon and when I went to Britain to study I used to do this even more.  You see, my dad and I had made a pact and this was what it was.

Dad had told me just before I left home for Britain that whenever I was feeling sad and homesick I should go out there and look up at the moon, if there was one, and as I did so I would think of him and in turn he, too, would be looking up at her and sending me all his love.

And guess what?  It sure worked for me!  I used to spend so many nights just looking up at the moon as the winds blew around me and so many times fat raindrops would be chasing each other as they came directly at my frozen cheeks.

Ah yes, the happy beautiful face of the moon forever imprinted in my mind.

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