Friday, June 29, 2018

She was quite a dog! Yella's likes and dislikes

I can honestly tell you that this dog of ours sure had a personality.  She was her own dog and she marched to her own drum. 

As a puppy she was short, round, and a pretty little girl.  She was a golden lab who simply loved our family; in particular my dad.  She could be serious and she could be playful.  She could be sociable and she could be a loner.

Then one day she became a mom and after that she simply became an adult and never looked back.  She asserted herself as the madam of the Manor.  She did as she pleased and did it in style.  She barked when she had to, played on her terms and hid from us whenever she wanted.

This was our Yella, with her likes and dislikes.  A dog who enjoyed whatever she wished with no one to stop her.

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